Profila is reimagining digital relationships

... by making privacy simpler and smarter, by building trust through immutable, facilitated preferences and by fueling the fourth industrial revolution (commerce) with hyper- personalised, relevant and accurate information, direct from people.

Profila digital Privacy Platform (available H2 2018)

Profila Privacy App

  • A simpler and compelling digital privacy and trust experience.
  • Create, update and share/monetise your personal profile and sentiment with the brands you love in a trusted and neutral platform.
  • Educate yourself about your rights and talk directly to your brands about your privacy.

Profila Privacy Cloud

  • Manage your personal data requests with your brands to ensure they are attended to.
  • Set reminders to check your rights to ensure you maintain a healthy digital profile.
  • Create audit trails to remind you of the many privacy decision you have made on your digital journey.

Profila Privacy Blockchain

  • Commit your decisions to a decentralised ledger (Blockchain) which enforces trust and transparency.
  • Explore your past contracts to keep brands honest about decisions you have made.
  • Share your contracts with regulators if you feel your rights have been abused.

The Team

Shawn Jensen

Founder & CEO

  • Master of Leading Innovation and Change.
  • Former Product, Design, Delivery and Service Operations Executive at Vodafone Global Enterprise.

Michiel Van Roey

Co-Founder | Data Protection Officer

  • Master of IP and IT law. Master of Law (LL.M.), Member of the Brussels Bar Association.
  • Associate at Stibbe Brussels.
  • Former Legal Advisor at CERN.

Luke Bragg

Chief Product Officer | Strategy

  • MSc Political Science, BA, International Relations.
  • Digital Strategist at Alabastre Labs.
  • Former Enterprise Architecture Director at Merck.

Jose Henriques

Investor | Advisor | Marketing


  • CEO, CMO, Board Member.
  • Former CMO NOWO/ONI Portugal.
  • Former CEO Movicel Angola.

Clara-Ann Gordon

Advisor | Legal

  • Attorney at Law, LL.M. (Queen Mary & Westfield), CEDR Accredited Mediator
  • Partner at Niederer Kraft Frey Attorneys at Law (Enterprise GDPR and IT specialization)
  • Former partner with another major Swiss law firm
  • Former Co-Chair of the IBA Technology Law Committee

John Herniman

Advisor | Strategy

  • PhD Philosphy (ongoing), Social Innovation.
  • MBA, MSc Semiconductor Science, BSc Physics.
  • Former Operations Director at Amazon Lab126.
  • Former Director of Worldwide Mac Quality at Apple.

Dr. Deborah Peel MD (US)

Advisor | Privacy Ethics


  • Founder, President, Physician.
  • Founder & President Patient Privacy Rights Non Profit.
  • Former Board Advisor Electronic Privacy Information Center.

Christophe Berger


  • Founder & CEO of Agilis Services
  • Former CEO/Board NTT Data Switzerland.
  • Former Managing Director Keane Switzerland.



Profila® GmbH is a company founded in Switzerland.

Address: 6353, Luzern, Switzerland.

Phone: +41792350238

email: admin@profila.com