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Your Private Data

Capture and maintain a central core personal data file. Capture your address, date of birth, contact details, identity numbers, employment details and more in a secure and trusted location.
Service providers requesting your personal data can obtain it from you through Profila, once you have been informed and have given express permission. It is your private data, own it, profile it, manage and trade it.


Your 3rd Party Data

Your data is everywhere; your bank, insurance company, medical aid, government, cellular and retail credit providers all have and create personal data related to your needs. This data is yours, it is personal data and if any new third party wants to store and analyse it for commercial or even statistical gain, you have the right to decide. It is your 3rd party private data, own it, profile it, manage and trade it.


Your Rights / Permissions

Every government has a personal data privacy policy through which it endeavours to ensure your privacy rights are enforced. Know these rights and support the governance enforced by law onto corporations and institutions wishing to utilise your data in any way. The only concern with legislation is that it trusts corporates to self regulate as it is impossible for any government to police so much data! Profila's corporate mission is to support your rights and the legal enforcement of your rights, by providing a self service tool which educates and enables you to take control for your personal data, globally. It is your private data, own it, profile it, manage and trade it.


Your Mobile Data

Capture and store all of your mobile activity in a trusted location for you to benefit from in the future. Track and log all your mobile online activity, know where and when you posted images, SMS'd a colleague, whatsAp'd a friend, called your mother or your employer, received a call from your banker, or surfed a website for your dream car. All of this activity data is yours and it is valuable. It is your private data, own it, profile it, manage and trade it.

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Your Online Data

Your online data, much like your mobile data, is being tracked by almost every internet site you visit, to improve their service to you. A great benefit no doubt, although if you tracked all your online activity for yourself, across every online site or location you browse, you will own the most desirable asset in business today; personalised consumer data. It is your private data, own it, profile it, manage and trade it.

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The Profila online service is free to end users, sign up and manage your digital life now!
Profila will charge corporate and service providers per interaction with you, either a request for your data, an update on your data privacy, a breach alert informing you of a risk to your data or even a promotion exclusive to you based on your brand loyalty!

About Profila


To enable personal data privacy management; ethically, securely, globally


Digital life privacy and freedom of choice


Profila was founded on the simple yet fundamental human right to privacy, balanced with the social realities of living and interacting in an information age. Profila enables the freedom of choice to collaborate and share personal data whilst remaining informed and in control. Profila facilitates an informed, ethical and honest conversation between corporate and the individual, building a trusted relationship between brands and consumers whilst limiting the liability of corporate through direct to consumer permissions management of their personal data utilised in the production and delivery of valued products and services globally.

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