Profila : We Love Privacy
Profila : We Love Privacy
  • The Digital Privacy Platform

    Changing the Privacy conversation between you
    and the Brands you Love.

    Profila is building a neutral and highly principled technology platform and marketplace which will liberate your digital freedom by ensuring your privacy and digital rights are respected. Profila will help you create a new and trusted relationship with the brands you love, enabling their delivery of amazing and fundamental products and services. The platform will launch H2 2018 so we encourage you to keep up to date with the future of digital privacy.

    Profila digital Privacy Platform (available H2 2018)

    Profila Privacy App

    • A simpler and compelling digital privacy and trust experience.
    • Create, update and share/monetise your personal profile and sentiment with the brands you love in a trusted and neutral platform.
    • Educate yourself about your rights and talk directly to your brands about your privacy.

    Profila Privacy Cloud

    • Manage your personal data requests with your brands to ensure they are attended to.
    • Set reminders to check your rights to ensure you maintain a healthy digital profile.
    • Create audit trails to remind you of the many privacy decision you have made on your digital journey.

    Profila Privacy Blockchain

    • Commit your decisions to a decentralised ledger (Blockchain) which enforces trust and transparency.
    • Explore your past contracts to keep brands honest about decisions you have made.
    • Share your contracts with regulators if you feel your rights have been abused.

    The Team

    Shawn Jensen

    Founder & CEO

    • Masters Innovation & Change
    • Global Telco enterprise product, design, delivery and service operations leader.
    • Switzerland

    Michiel Van Roey

    Co-Founder & CPO | General Counsel

    • IT & Data Protection Lawyer
    • Master of IP and IT law
    • Brussels Bar Association
    • Brussels

    Patrick Lynch

    Board Member | Investor & Advisor

    • CEO, Entrepreneur and Investor
    • United Kingdom

    Jose Henriques

    Board Member | Investor & Advisor

    • CEO, CMO, Board Member
    • Portugal

    Christophe Berger


    • Founder, CEO, Board Member
    • Switzerland


    Profila® GmbH is a company founded in Switzerland.

    Address: 6353, Luzern, Switzerland.

    Phone: +41792350238

    email: admin@profila.com