Creating moments
of truth.

An ethical data, privacy and trust company. Launching 2019.

Creating moments
of truth.

An ethical data, privacy and trust company. Launching 2019.

Whats Coming in 2019?

The Profila Privacy Alliance

The purpose of the Profila Privacy Alliance is to develop and maintain a globally applicable Open Source privacy education and rights management framework which has one objective to simplify the privacy experience between consumers and organisations.

Privacy Education & Rights Assertion

Privacy Education

Profila educates consumers on how to manage their digital privacy. Using intelligent machine learning ChatBots trained by professionals skilled in technology and law globally and locally.

Privacy Rights Management

Profila enables effective rights assertion for consumers, making the task simple, yet immutable and defensible in law.

Personal Data Management

Profila enables individuals to create, manage and share their personal data, no matter where it is, simply whilst retaining control and peace of mind.

Ethically-sourced Personal Data

Ethically-Sourced Personal Data

Profila creates a new ethical source of personal data for business which is accurate, relevant and contextual, enabling hyper-personalized services

Privacy Blockchain

Profila ensures trust, transparency and interoperability with business, regulators and individuals through smart contracts and a privacy blockchain which forms an audit of every interaction C2B. based on trust.

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The Team

Shawn Jensen

Founder & CEO

  • Master of Leading Innovation and Change.
  • Former Product, Design, Delivery and Service Operations Executive at Vodafone Global Enterprise.

Michiel Van Roey

Co-Founder | Data Protection Officer

  • Master of IP and IT law. Master of Law (LL.M.), Member of the Brussels Bar Association.
  • Associate at Stibbe Brussels.
  • Former Legal Advisor at CERN.

Luke Bragg

Chief Product Officer | Strategy

  • MSc Political Science, BA, International Relations.
  • Digital Strategist at Alabastre Labs.
  • Former Enterprise Architecture Director at Merck.

Christina Fürst

Chief Marketing Officer

  • MBA BA. Marketing Strategy (Stanford) 
  • Chief Strategy Officer BEE Inbound
  • Formerly
  • Head of Marketing at Gubelin

Dr. Deborah Peel MD (US)

Advisor | Privacy Ethics


  • Founder, President, Physician.
  • Founder & President Patient Privacy Rights Non Profit.
  • Former Board Advisor Electronic Privacy Information Center.

Clara-Ann Gordon

Advisor | Legal

  • Attorney at Law, LL.M. (Queen Mary & Westfield), CEDR Accredited Mediator
  • Partner at Niederer Kraft Frey Attorneys at Law (Enterprise GDPR and IT specialization)
  • Former partner with another major Swiss law firm
  • Former Co-Chair of the IBA Technology Law Committee

John Herniman

Advisor | Strategy

  • PhD Philosphy (ongoing), Social Innovation.
  • MBA, MSc Semiconductor Science, BSc Physics.
  • Former Operations Director at Amazon Lab126.
  • Former Director of Worldwide Mac Quality at Apple.

Jose Henriques

Investor | Advisor | Marketing


  • CEO, CMO, Board Member.
  • Former CMO NOWO/ONI Portugal.
  • Former CEO Movicel Angola.


Profila® GmbH is a company founded in Switzerland.

Address: 6353, Luzern, Switzerland.

Phone: +41792350238

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