Our vision is to give people agency over their online lives, and to give brands a better way to build meaningful customer relationships​
Our leadership team
Shawn Jensen

Start-up exit, serial intrapreneur, Telco design, delivery & service operations executive.

Shawn Jensen

Co-Founder | CEO (Acting CTO)
Michiel van Rooy

Start-up exit, data protection, privacy and IP law specialty, Crypto enthusiast.

Michiel Van Roey

Co-Founder | General & Privacy Counsel
Luke Bragg

Digital product design, enterprise architecture, ecosystem design, digital marketing & strategy consultant.

Luke Bragg

Co-Founder | Chief Strategy & Product Officer
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IT Auditor

Benedict Van Rompuy

Chief Information & Security Officer (Acting)
Our board advisors

Partner with Niederer Kraft Frey

Clara-Ann Gordon

Board Advisor | Privacy

Adtech entrepreneur

Mikko Kotila

Board Advisor | Ad-tech

CEO, Advisor, CMO, CDO

Jose Henriques

Board Advisor | Marketing
Our global sales team
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Sales professional

James Cutter

Sales Advisor | USA

Sales professional

Hartmut Junghahn

Sales Advisor | USA

Sales and pre-sales professional

Kerry Sokalsky

Sales Advisor | Canada

Sales professional

Charlie DeFelice

Sales Advisor | USA

Sales professional

Mike Fahey

Sales Advisor | Canada

Entrepreneur, CEO, Founder

Kate Sackman

Sales Advisor | USA

Sales professional

Flávio Ribeiro

Sales Advisor | Brazil

Sales professional

Jorge Ramirez

Sales Advisor | USA
Profila is a passion project for our team, and an opportunity to change the way brands do business in a people-centric economy