What is Profila doing on Catalyst?

Profila is building its zero-knowledge advertising and insights strategy on top of IOHK/IOG technology.
Check out our first proof of concepts (POC) proposals in Catalyst. Join us on Ideascale, comment on our proposals and VOTE!

POC 1 – Personal Data Licenses
Dapp to control/monetize your data

Consent-based customer data (D)app, using smart contracts to record personal data licenses; compensating people for their data & attention

POC 2 – Privacy Ledger
Control your data – privacy ledger

People can control (use of) their data via (legal) data rights

POC 3 – Digital ID
Atala prism integration

Coming soon in the next Catalyst funds

POC 4 – Zero Knowledge proof
personalized ads with respecting your privacy

Imagine if you could entirely control the content and frequency of each digital add online, in each application and on all websites? We are working on a research paper which will lay out how this could happen with Profila