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Profila enables corporate to manage data privacy more effectively through end user enablement.

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Employee Data

Manage your employee's data privacy rights individually. Corporate policies with blanket rules and guidelines are not sufficient anymore considering the penalties enforced on corporates who fail to manage privacy effectively. The x and y generation employee expect personal consultation; Profila Corporate enables you to comply with regulation through direct permissions management with your employee's.


Customer Data

Managing peta bytes of customer generated data is a significant challenge and opportunity, the wealth of information and customer insights hidden in big data is real and will impact the bottom line. Ensure your information strategy is not encumbered by not managing personal data privacy rights effectively. Profila Corporate enables a direct privacy B2C relationship with your customer. In a customer centric market, give the customer the respect they deserve and cultivate loyalty by requesting their data and rewarding commitment to your brand.


3rd Party Data

Personal data is generated by many service providers, such as cellular providers who generate and store call record data files, detailing a users personal calls. Internet companies generate personal data related to a users activities through cookies, all this data is regulated under personal data privacy regulation. To share, analyse and benefit from this data a corporate must request permission from the impacted users, detailing what the data will be utilised for, who will analyse it, where it will be stored and for what duration. Inform your users, let them know the benefits and they will provide direct permission, mitigating the risk of penalties.


Data Storage

Peta bytes of personal data are being generated and stored in multiple locations globally and in the cloud. Users have the right to know where their data is stored and under what privacy law it is being managed and how secure it is. Give your users the information and comfort that their data is being protected and not abused or open to risk of theft.


Permission Management

Give users and customers the right to grant permission for the use of their personal data. Receiving direct permission from the impacted user is significantly better than assuming compliance through policies, which are often outdated or unknown to customers.


Breach Management

Corporates are legally obliged to notify, within a reasonable period of time from discovery of the breach, any customer, employee or user of a data breach which may have impacted their personal data, putting their digital identity at risk. Profila enables direct breach alerts to users through the Profila Application and through direct email notifications.


Legal Liability

The risk of personal data privacy breach and loss through theft is significant, ensure your customers, users and employees are aware of the risk and are informed through-out the process, limiting the corporate risk of penalty through negligence.



Profila charges per end user interaction and end user volume. Please contact for a corporate proposal.

Interaction billing; significantly more cost effective than a breach!

About Profila


To enable personal data privacy management; ethically, securely, globally


Digital life privacy and freedom of choice


Profila was founded on the simple yet fundamental human right to privacy, balanced with the social realities of living and interacting in an information age. Profila enables the freedom of choice to collaborate and share personal data whilst remaining informed and in control. Profila facilitates an informed, ethical and honest conversation between corporate and the individual, building a trusted relationship between brands and consumers whilst limiting the liability of corporate through direct to consumer permissions management of their personal data utilised in the production and delivery of valued products and services globally.

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