Profila : corporate solutions and consulting

Consent and Breach Notification Management

Profila enables companies to simply manage consumer informed and explicit consent and data breach notifications. Contact us to trial the SME viable Beta product from Profila Available today!


Profila and partners have many years experience in privacy, legal and enterprise design. We can help you implement privacy by design into your systems and processes and ensure your support model will sustain the new levels of consumer interaction and engagement required to comply with GDPR and local privacy regulations.

Digital Life Management

Launching Beta in 2018, Profila will offer enterprise a new interaction model with their consumers across industry, ensuring compliance, mitigating risk whilst maintaining corporate marketing identity. 

Profila will launch a platform which leverages the latest chat-bot, machine learning and AI technologies powered by smart contracts and the Profila Privacy Blockchain. If you are interested in how you will engage with your consumers in future then contact Profila today.