Profila digital privacy platform (Launching H2 2018)

Profila Privacy App

  1. Offer your customers a simpler and compelling privacy experience.
  2. Educate your customers on their rights with the Machine Learning Privacy ChatBot. (standard or tailored dialogues).
  3. Chat directly to your customers, enabling them to make informed decisions about the use of their data. (tailored Machine Learning ChatBot dialogues).
  4. Enterprise marketing and legal control of the branding and dialogue displayed to their customers through the Profila App.
  5. Secure inApp browser capability enables your customer to update personal data directly on your systems whilst keeping a personal record of the interaction on the Privacy blockchain.
  6. Reduce incident management volumes through pre-emptive education and arbitrage.
  7. Incident management escalation to enterprise platforms with customer history for help desk agent resolution.
  8. Allow customers to update and share their detailed profile in real time.
  9. Attract new customers through trusted profile incentives.
  10. Build trusted relationships through consistent messaging and updates to customers on data protection activity and privacy rights updates.
  11. Gather brand trust and privacy sentiment analysis and action remediation directly with each individual customer.
  12. Manage customer complaints process through to regulatory engagement, mitigating risk through education and engagement.

Profila Privacy Cloud

  1. Manage the enterprise privacy workflow with each customer.
  2. Track requests, events and timing to ensure effective and speedy resolution of customer queries.
  3. Create audit trails of all interactions.
  4. Create and add to living contracts with customers, accommodating changing preferences.
  5. Reduce operational compliance burden in customer privacy communications.

Profila Privacy Blockchain

  1. Create and commit customer smart  contracts into the decentralised privacy ledger.
  2. Drive transparency with your customer and the regulator by using trusted Privacy Blockchain technology.
  3. Give your customers an audit trail of every privacy decision and related action or interaction, building trust.
  4. Reduces the requirement for internal system audit trails of privacy interactions.

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