You’re kind of a big deal

You must be, because companies are tracking
you all over the internet. we understand.
you are very important.

But what if they came to you instead, for
your authentic sentiment and preferences,
on your terms, for your benefit?


Categories, Categories,

Self-discovery quizzes let you build the most accurate, authentic, and valuable insights about you.

Then you decide who can access those insights and what they can do with them (like send you personalized content and offers). 

Wait, something like that exists?

Your Profila, Your Rules

Here’s our promise to you: nothing ever happens to your Profila without clear and revokable consent. All of your data is private until you decide to share it; on your terms, for your benefit. 

It really is as simple as that. 

Cut through the noise

Are you tired of all the irrelevant advertising that clutters up your social media and web experience? Is your inbox full of unwanted newsletters?

You have very little control what you see on social media or in your inbox. But what if there was a private place where your favorite brands could present offers that are relevant because they know you (by subscribing to your Profila).