Profila puts
consumer privacy

Privacy-by-design in the Profila App

How Profila is working to enhance consumer privacy?

Privacy Education

An easy and interactive learning experience

Through our education modules, you learn everything you need about your data. People can learn what personal data is, how to manage it, what rights they have with respect to their data.


Privacy Rights Management

Exercising your privacy rights in 3-clicks

With 3 clicks of a button, you exercise your privacy rights. For example; exercise your “right of access” to find out what personal data your employer has collected about you.

Privacy Alerts

Keeping track of your data & decisions

We help you keep track of all decisions you made so you know what data you shared with your organization. Imagine having proof of each time you “unsubscribed” to a mailing list?

How Profila is helping companies become privacy-compliant?

Transparency & Information

Be transparent about your data processing towards consumers

People have the right to information about the processing of their personal data, in a clear and transparent way

Profila has made transparency one of the key principles of its platform and helps organisation convey this information to their consumers

Data Subject Rights

Inform your consumers about their personal data rights

Organisation are required to inform their consumers about their data subject rights and help them exercise these rights effectively

We take care of this burden for your organisation. Via the Profila App, all consumers are educated about these rights and can easily exercise them

Recording Data Processing Activities

An easy way to record your processing activities

Organisation are obligated to record any and all personal data processing activities, from their collection to their exclusion

Profila keeps track of all notifications, logs and interactions, so that at any time you can access this information in case you need it

Consent management

Obtain consent from consumers and employees in a user-friendly way.

If you processes personal data based on your consumers’ consent, you need to be able to proof you received such consent

All consents (or refusals) are logged in the Brand Dashboard, which helps you with your burden of proof and recording obligations

Additional Privacy Innovation Project

How Profila is further redefining access to and understanding of privacy knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the people?

Together with the University of Lucerne, and co-funded by Innosuisse – the Swiss Innovation Agency, we are creating a smart & expert sourced knowledge base on privacy policies and privacy legislation.


This knowledge base – to be implemented in a chatbot – will help people understand how their personal data is being used by companies they interact with.
In addition, it will facilitate access to privacy experts, so people can regain control of their digital lives.

Stay tuned for more updated on this ambitious project that will kick off in September 2021.