Privacy education

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Simpler conversational AI privacy education will ensure consumers have fundamental knowledge and understanding of organizations privacy policies and of their basic digital rights aligned to the laws they are protected by.

The success of any AI project is the core datasets it is trained on, in the privacy market this area has been found wanting when it comes to clear answers to consumers basic questions on privacy in their language and country. This is where Profila believe a global alliance of regulators, enterprise, lawyers and privacy professionals can be set to work to train the Profila AI in the context of countries, markets, regions and industries. 

Profila will establish global communities who will volunteer their time, resources, funds and thought leadership to build this ethical and human centric AI. 

The benefits:

  • privacy policy simplification
  • reduction of privacy fatigue
  • privacy informed and digitally aware consumers 


The PPA will make it easier to educate consumers on their privacy rights.

Education is at the core of the Profila privacy services, as informed customers are confident customers. Profila believe privacy education should be holistic, simple and accessible, addressing the consumers concern in the moment of doubt, so they can make informed decisions on data sharing.

“Talk to your customers about their data, inform and educate them, so they understand their rights and the benefits of sharing their data with your company.”


Privacy rights assertion

The PPA will make it easier for consumers to assert their privacy rights.

Organisations have failed in delivering uniform, simple and industry harmonised privacy and data sharing tools for the consumer, instead brands are forcing consumers to manage their own privacy and opt-in features in many different ways. This is not a great experience when consumers engage with 50-100 organisations, all with different privacy and data collection processes. A tedious challenge for the consumer; no wonder many have become apathetic and don’t care, as managing their personal privacy and data has become a tough task, with little reward.

Profila has focused on this customer pain of privacy education, rights assertion and the related workflows with many organisations. 

An AI rights assertion capability will enable consumers to simply exercise their rights with all the brands they interact with in one place. Global rights management process simplification for the consumer and integration with existing privacy and incident management business systems will be a core focus area for the PPA. 

The benefits:

  • harmonised privacy experience for the consumer
  • triaged privacy incident requests
  • simplified breach and privacy communication


Privacy Blockchain

The PPA will ensure trust and transparency in consumer and brand relationships.

The PPA will create and maintain an immutable blockchain audit trail of all privacy and personal data interactions ensuring trust and transparency in the relationship. This blockchain will be governed by the PPA and decentralized with trusted private permissioned entities globally such as regulators and privacy international organisations, respecting regional governance and data transfer sensitivities.

The benefits:

  • limitation of liability through transparency
  • neutral privacy audit trail for compliance
  • customer trust through transparency
  • global privacy trends and data sharing insights

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"Imagine a neutral, privacy blockchain (audit trail) which will drive trust and transparency in a new customer relationship."

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Ethically-sourced personal data

Profila will make it easier for consumers to create and share their personal insights for value.

As trust is rebuilt through the Profila privacy services, consumers will more confidently create, manage and share personal data with brands. Consumers will appreciate the value of their existing data at work for them in organisations globally and they will feel digitally confident, knowing their brand relationships are independently facilitated by the Profila Privacy Alliance.

To add significant value to the brand relationship, consumers will be encouraged to create their own Profila. A Profila is the one place consumers privately capture their various sentiments. A Profila will contain the thoughts of the consumer, their interests, preferences, digital content, and suggestions for brands. Consumers can decide to share these insights with brands for an exchange of value.

The value of the consumers Profila data is stored in a Privy token. Organizations interested in a consumer unique Profila may subscribe to it based on agreed commercial and legal terms as defined in Privy contracts. The commercial value of a Profila will be aligned to data market indicators as set by the industry and governed by the PPA. The value of a Profila is influenced by the accuracy of the data, its relevance to the organization and a brand’s commercial con- version opportunity. 

Each consumers Profila data will be secured and managed using cloud, cryptography, decentralized web and privacy by design technologies and techniques. The benefit for the consumer is personal data control, brand intimacy and value from hyper-personalized services. 

The benefits:

  • new sources of accurate, relevant, near real-time personal insights, direct from the consumer
  • optimization of advertising spend, higher opportunity conversion
  • maintaining a trusted customer relationship


Privacy as a utility

Should trust and privacy be a utility service?

This ethical source of highly valued information can only be maintained through a relationship built on trust. Trust is earned through action and what consumers desire and expect is respect for their privacy, their digital preferences and simple dialogue with brands to better control their personal data profiles. 

Profila is building the technology and application to simply enable consumers to be educated on their personal data privacy rights based on the relevant jurisdiction (resulting from citizenship and/or residence). Once the consumer is educated, Profila enables the simpler comprehension and understanding of privacy policies and contracts from organisations the consumer is engaged with. Once the consumer is now educated and informed, Profila enables the simple assertion of privacy rights or ‘will’ (assertion) through automated legal sub- missions to organisations for processing and execution. 

Profila facilitates the fair, informed interaction between the consumer and business, ensuring trust and transparency are achieved through the application of privacy rights and personal preferences. Profila ensures immutability of consumer decisions by logging all interactions on blockchain. 

The market opportunity for trust and privacy as a services is well documented, however the niche identified by Profila is consumer education, simpler consumer rights assertion and policy understanding managed and controlled by blockchain. It is these fundamental privacy services Profila believes should become utility services for the internet. 

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“Help consumers make decisions on the use of their personal data and enable them to manage their rights and assertions with you, the brand they love and need.”

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