Why manage your personal data? It is your right, use it

Chat to your brands, Why?

The General Data Protection Regulation forces your brands to talk to you about your data, it is yours, so own it.

Make informed decisions – Why?

Your digital data is You now, in the past and in the future, it is alive and it is your digital identity, so own it.

Check your data – Why?

Is that you? Your data must be correct.

Change your data – Why?

Do you still live there? Your data must be up to date.

Share your data – Why?

Do you want tailored services and personal attention? Share your data responsibly.

Stop sharing your data – Why?

Don’t want a service anymore, change your mind? Stop sharing your data.

Move your data – Why?

Don’t love that brand anymore? Move your data to a new brand you love so they can serve you.

Delete your data – Why?

Don’t ever want to see that brand again ever? Delete your data.

Trade your data – Why?

Would you give yourself away for free? Get something back from your brands for the use of your data.

Manage your data – Why?

Things change, keep up to date with your brands and how they and looking after your data.


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